Trail Etiquette & Tips

  • Share the trail and keep right except to pass.
  • Cyclists yield to pedestrians, control your speed and warn other users before passing.
  • Remember to bring water and stay hydrated.
  • Keep dogs under control or on a leash and please pick up after your pets.
  • Respect private property adjacent to the trail.
  • Pass horseback riders with caution, horses may startle easily.
  • At night, all users should carry a light and wear reflective clothing.
  • Do your part to keep the trail clean, don't litter.
  • Please respect wildlife.

A Word of Caution

The Galloping Goose Trail moves through urban, rural and wilderness settings; the condition of the trail is often a reflection of its setting. In addition, sections of the trail are under development, or pass through areas of highway construction. We advise trail users to exercise caution and to be prepared for a variety of trail conditions.

For additional information call (250) 478-3344


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